We are extremely excited to bring Future of Leadership to Bangkok for the first time with an amazing lineup of some of the world’s best speakers ready to expand your thinking and push your personal performance to the next level. Thailand holds a special place in the heart of Future of Leadership as it is the birthplace and beneficiary of the charity, Hands Across The Water, which the proceeds of this event support. 



Policewoman turned businesswoman, Elly Johnson, is a leading authority on truth and deception. Elly’s work addresses the effect of truthfulness, and the lack of it, on everyday life and explores how Truth Dilemmas® result in challenges to hear, speak, hide or uncover the truth.

She specialises in identifying situations where there is a higher likelihood of deception and explores how you can influence others to be more truthful in important interactions or high-stake situations. Although many people are excited at the idea of becoming ‘human lie detectors’, Elly encourages them to first become ‘truth-attractors’, reducing the need to spot lies.

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Peter Baines is a keynote presenter who informs audience of the importance of impressions, decision making and the focus on results rather than the excuses. He explores the factors of leadership and motivation with audience members and reminds them to be clear about what drives them to do better.

Whilst leading international teams in both Thailand and Indonesia after devastating acts of terrorism and natural disasters, Peter identified what it is that makes a great leader and began to adapt those characteristics to himself. He recognised that a leader needs to act with confidence but without recklessness, make decisions quickly and with a deliberate purpose and that without the constraints of management structure true leaders can arise.



The Details for Bangkok

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit


8.00am Registration
8.30am - 4.00pm


Peter Baines

Nontawat Poomchusri

Sean Conley

Darren Hill

Alison Hill

Ryan McGhee

Elly Johnson

Scott Stein

Heather Monk - MC

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