Hands Across the Water

Proceeds from Future of Leadership are donated to Hands Across The Water, an Australian charity founded in 2005 by Peter Baines OAM following the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Initially tasked with building a home for a local group of children left homeless and orphaned by the disaster, Hands has grown to now support seven operations and 400+ children throughout Thailand. This growth has been made possible by building strong shared experiences that enrich the lives of Hands participants as much as those of the children.


Each year Hands leads bike rides and treks in Thailand, which provide the cornerstone of their fundraising efforts.  These experiences continue to grow year on year with a return rate of 76%. Many join thinking it is a great opportunity to do something for the kids, only to realise that they are the ones who benefit from the unique experience.   

Each ride and trek in Thailand finishes at one of the homes, where the participants can meet the children they are working so hard to support, and see exactly where the dollars are being spent.

Hands ensures that 100% of donations and fundraising goes directly to the children and projects in Thailand with not one cent spent on administration of fundraising. 

Visit the Hands website to find out more.