Proceeds from Future of Leadership support the work of Hands Across The Water, an Australian charity founded in 2005 by Peter Baines OAM following the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Initially tasked with building a home for a local group of children left homeless and orphaned by the disaster, Hands has grown to now support seven operations and 350+ children throughout Thailand.

For us at Hands, basic human rights are not enough.

Every person has the right to guidance, love and support.

Every person has the right to be free from exploitation, abuse and poverty.

Every person has the right to thrive.

This is our passion. We want to see the people we work with, and their communities, thriving in every sense.

The children who came to our homes initially, and their communities, suffered greatly as a result of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Countless families were torn apart through death and abandonment in the days, weeks and months that followed. The impact of these events will be felt for generations.

Today, our homes have become a safe place for children with no living family to care for them, those who have been removed by local authorities from abusive and neglectful situations, and children impacted by lack of housing, poverty and substance abuse.

Without a doubt the best place for kids is with their families. Children should never be unnecessarily separated from their family. But when a child’s wellbeing and safety is endangered, we can’t and won’t turn our backs on them.

Hands provides safe homes, employment, skills training and educational pathways, to help these children re-write their own story. We are opening the door for individual growth, and healing for their communities and future generations.

Children in our homes can pursue alternative pathways to a better future once they complete school, including traineeships in our sewing facility or attending University. They have the opportunity to learn new skills and realise their dreams, such as starting their own business.

Hands ensures that 100% of donations and fundraising goes directly to the children and projects in Thailand with not one cent spent on administration or marketing. This is made possible through the creation of a separate entity, Hands Group, which is the social enterprise that delivers leadership, education and travel experiences.  Profits from events such as Future of Leadership fund the running of Hands Group including all marketing and administration for the charity. 

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Because every child deserves to live a life of choice rather than chance