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Leading Through Crisis: 10 Webinars over 10 days!

Need motivation and tools to help you through this crisis?

Wondering how to manage a remote workforce?

Concerned about keeping your teams engaged and motivated?

Now more than ever, leaders need to step up and into their roles and develop strategies for now and the future, make tough decisions, communicate with stakeholders and keep teams engaged. We are here to support you and your teams, and help you weather the storm.

This 10 part webinar series will arm you with the tools, insights and importantly the motivation to lead through this uncertain time.

Over 2 weeks you’ll get access to leading Australian and global experts across an array of relevant leadership topics to assist you in navigating the impacts of COVID-19.

Access the series now for only $199.00!

Your registration will give you three months access to this content – to revise, revisit and reuse! Plus, bonus content.

Leading Through Crisis is a not-for-profit event. 100% of proceeds support the ongoing work of Hands Across the Water, supporting 400 disadvantaged children in Thailand with a life of choice, not one of chance.

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Peter Baines

The Only Certainty Is Uncertainty

Peter Baines OAM, Crisis Response Expert

Crisis brings with it uncertainty and it is often that which drives the fear that presents the biggest challenge. Leading in times of crisis is not about the position you hold it is about your actions and reactions. More importantly it is about your presence and leaders having the courage to make decisions. At no time is it of greater importance for an organisation and the leadership team to have a very clear clarity of purpose as that with define and drive the direction and decisions that are made during times of disruption.

In this webinar you will learn:
• The value of making timely decisions
• The need to lead with: speed, sensitivity, structure and simplicity
• Why the presence of leaders can be more important than the decisions they make
• Understanding the four quadrants of the crisis clock and how that will shape your response and importantly forecast the your teams response as they move through this crisis

Emotional Hygiene When Leading Through Crisis

Anneli Blundell, Communications Expert

With an explosion of virtual work, uncertainty, and fear, our people need the guidance of calm and clear leadership. But how can you be the voice of reason if you are in fear? If you don't have the answers? If you are worried about your own family and loved ones? As leaders, our moods, emotions, and attitudes are as contagious as any virus. For better or worse, we spread attitudes of calm or chaos. We have the power to support or suppress people’s resilience and response to the current COVID-19 crisis.

So what are our words spreading? In this session Anneli Blundell, a.k.a, the Professional People Whisperer, will go through the three keys to emotional hygiene and how to spread hope and not hysteria in your team, organisation or community.

In this session with Anneli you will learn:
• Understand how leaders set the emotional tone for calm or chaos
• Learn how moods, attitudes and behaviours are contagious and how they impact performance in a crisis
• Explore good emotional hygiene habits to support and engage your team to do their best work in uncertain times

Daniel Murray

5 Key Strategies Leaders Must Not Ignore When Faced With Challenging Times

Daniel Murray, Empathy Consultant

The decisions leaders make in the next few weeks and months will impact on businesses for the next 5 years. We need clear and committed leaders who can motivate their people to work together. We need leaders who can regulate their own fears and tap into the wisdom of their people. We need leaders who are prepared to support their tribe through recovery and be ready to accelerate when the clouds part.

For a pragmatic, personalised and responsive approach that makes the difference, leaders seek out strategic guidance. Daniel blends his deep experience in business strategy with leading research on empathy, psychology and behavioural economics. He provides leaders with the inspiration for change and the tools for implementation. This leaves people engaged, empowered and able to immediately execute to drive results.

What Daniel will teach you in this session:
• Set of strategic tools leaders can implement to develop an action plan
• Insight into the critical people & culture drivers of performance in crisis
• Leadership strategies to reduce fear, maintain clarity and drive collaborative solutions for future growth

Darren Hill

Virtual Leader Skills

Darren Hill, Behavioural Scientist

Despite the shift towards teams that aren’t co-located in the same office, many of our approaches on how to effectively manage people and performance are built on old face-to-face work practices. As leaders manage the new world of disparate teams, working from wildly different platforms and workspaces, the requirement to understand how to lead a remote team has never been more important than now. This program will equip team leaders with skills to lead both their people and performance in a virtual/remote/work from home setting more effectively.

Designed specifically with your leaders in mind, we’ll explore:
• communication strategies to engage your team
• practical tools to help set and manage performance
• methods to build strong cultures even in remote settings

Mental Resilience: How To Manage Brain Chatter And Reduce Stress

Kamal Sarma, Strategic Leader Development Consultant

The media coverage of the Corona Virus has been unrelenting. Many people I know are waking up with a sense of heaviness and anxiousness that seems to follow them throughout the day.

It’s important to know what is happening but sometimes we can consume waaaay too much news.

We need to give our minds a rest. When we rest our minds we can think clearer and we will reduce our stress levels helping our immune system to be more resilient, hence increasing our ability to stay healthy.

During this session Kamal will unpack:
• How to develop mental resilience, mental hygiene and mental wellbeing
• How do we build create mental and emotional resilience in a volatile , uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous world
• How to maintain focus and clarity to make better decisions and bounce back after this crisis has abated
• Tools to sustain your mental resilience

Social Distancing, Not Vocal Distancing: How To Speak With Impact When Working Remotely

Lucy Cornell, Voice Specialist

Now it is critical for all employees to be able to speak with impact, influence and confidence. Leaders now need to be heard through a general high level of anxiety or in fast paced and unpredictable scenarios. The business that comes with face to face speaking will get lost in the pandemonium unless people have the skills to stay in control and cut through (virtually or not). Let’s cut the white noise. Now, more than ever, is a time for meaningful voices.

In this session with Lucy you will learn techniques on how:
• to stay in voice while working remotely,
• to speak boldly when it matters,
• to be clear and direct,
• to listen deeply so you can discern where agenda meets truth
• to access the remote working super power: to hear what is in a voice - not just the words, but the intention in the voice

Out of Office: How Your Team Can Work From Home

Gihan Perera, Futurist

With the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, you might have your entire team working from home - in the short term or long term. If this is a new experience for you, it creates unexpected challenges. You might have the logistics, technology, infrastructure, and HR requirements under control - but the real challenge comes when people are operating and collaborating in an unfamiliar environment. Understand the challenges you will face, so you can anticipate them now and be prepared for them before they occur.

Gihan will cover:
• Helping your team members create the right environment for remote work
• Maximising productivity and performance
• Fostering collaboration within your remote team
• Running and managing online meetings effectively
• Learning to change your mindset to lead people you can't see

Energy Management

Julie Cross, Motivational Speaker

We can allow ourselves to fall into the negative energy spiral or we can be the instigator of positive energy going viral!

One of our biggest challenges in challenging times is to have the discipline to stay focussed on what we can control and not get caught up in the panic in response to what we can't control. When we can do this we have the ability to be focused, to be productive and to have the power to inspire others to follow our lead.

What we focus on expands and it is in events like this that we are called upon to be apart of the solution and not get drawn into the negative energy that becomes a major part of the problem.

Learning Outcomes:
• You will learn strategies to protect your energy.
• Reframing techniques to see and feel the positives.
• Refreshing and Restoring your own energy so you may refresh and restore others.
• Discovering the gifts in the challenges.

Useful Belief: Because It's Better Than Positive Thinking

Chris Helder, Communications Expert and Author

Useful Belief is a game changer in this world that we are now living in.

For years people have been told to try and be ‘positive’, but the reality is that when most people try they can’t sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out.

Useful Belief is about having a belief system that supports you. Now more than ever before we need to look at the things that we can control and the things that we can't.

We need to find the most useful way to navigate our way through the uncertainty by creating the right mind set to improve our focus.

Chris will cover:
• Apply a new framework to help improve the focus of your time
• Avoid the things that sap your energy
• Create focus around the things that you can control
• Learning to change your mindset to lead people you can't see

Ashley Fell

The Future of Learning

Ashley Fell, Social Researcher

From higher education to online learning, schools, blended delivery, F2F learning and smaller gatherings – COIVD-19 will have an impact on how, where and when we learn. Leaders and organisations who understand these shifts will be best placed to help their students, trainees and employees to thrive in the midst of these changing times.

What Ashley will cover
• What COVID-19 means for the future of schools and tertiary institutions
• Online, blended, virtual and digital: a snapshot of the new world of learning
• Education towards 2030: what the research tells us
• Engaging with digital learners: the basics of effective education
• Generation Alpha: the new learners defined.

Leading Through Crisis: A 10 Part Webinar Series for Leaders

Are you worried about leading through the COVID-19 crisis?

Looking for useful strategies and insights to inform your leadership approach?

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from these Australian and international thought leaders to help inform and inspire you to step into your leadership role.

Our incredible thought leaders and some of Australia’s best speakers have put together a special COVID-19 webinar that we will run live at 11am each day. 10 webinars over 10 days – that’s enough to cover you for the next 2 week isolation period. You will have the ability to connect with other leaders through the chat and Q&A functionality.

Access all webinars, plus bonus content, for only $199.00!

Can’t watch each webinar live? Don’t worry. We know this is a long term impact, so all webinars will be accessible for the next 3 months so you can rewatch and review at your own leisure.

Scott Stein

BONUS Masterclass:

Leadership Hacks For Uncertain Times

Receive access to this BONUS Masterclass by Scott Stein!

Given the uncertain environment due to the Coronavirus, many leaders are looking for strategies to lead and remain effective during uncertain times. In this online Masterclass Scott shows you strategies around the role of a leader as well as how to stay productive and operate a business virtually in uncertain times.

Topics that will be covered in our Masterclass include:
• The Role of a Leader in Uncertain Times
• Identifying how to stay productive in a chaotic environment
• How to operate a business virtually (by someone who has been doing it for over 20 years!)
• Communication and technology shortcuts that get your message across faster

Series Schedule

Mental Resilience: How To Manage Brain Chatter & Reduce Stress 

Kamal Sarma

11:00am Friday 27th March 2020

The Only Certainty Is Uncertainty
Peter Baines OAM

11:00am Monday 30th March 2020

The Future of Learning
Ashley Fell

11:00am Tuesday 31st March 2020

Virtual Leader Skills

Darren Hill

11:00am Wednesday 1st April 2020

Social Distancing, Not Vocal Distancing
Lucy Cornell

11:00am Thursday 2nd April 2020

5 Key Strategies Leaders Must Not Ignore In A Crisis
Daniel Murray

11:00am Friday 3rd April 2020

Useful Belief: Because It’s Better Than Positive Thinking

Chris Helder

11:00am Monday 6th April 2020

Emotional Hygiene When Leading Through Crisis
Anneli Blundell

11:00am Tuesday 7th April 2020

Out of Office: How Your Team Can Work From Home

Gihan Perera

11:00am Wednesday 8th April 2020

Energy Management
Julie Cross

11:00am Thursday 9th April 2020

Schedule subject to change.

Featured Speakers

We are thrilled to be bringing you some of Australia and the world’s leading authorities and experienced professionals in leadership, with specific experience in managing change, crisis, culture and remote workforces.

Darren Hill

Darren Hill

Pragmatic Thinking

Ashley Fell

Ashley Fell

McCrindle Research

Peter Baines OAM

Peter Baines OAM

Peter Baines Consulting

Julie Cross

Julie Cross

Motivational Speaker

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray

Empathic Consulting

Gihan Perera

Gihan Perera

Gihan Perera Consulting

Chris Helder

Chris Helder

Best Selling Author and Communications Expert

Anneli Blundell

Anneli Blundell

Professional People Whisperer

Lucy Cornell

Lucy Cornell

Cornell Voice Advisory

Kamal Sarma

Kamal Sarma


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