Belinda Thomas (MC)

Belinda is naturally curious and is always asking the tough and tricky questions to get to the heart of what’s going on. She is often described as an energetic and caring leader who is widely recognised for her expertise in ‘Organisational Culture, People & Performance’ as well as for her ability to bring out the creative and fun side of the people she works with.

Partnering with organisations across the globe in their quest to future proof their people and business, Belinda’s passion is to develop brain-friendly, human managers, building connected and accountable teams and creating workplaces that optimise performance.

Belinda has Facilitated and MC’d workshops with global Organisations and teams for over 14 years.

In our ever-increasing digital world, Belinda is on a mission to bring more ‘human’ to the workplace through creating and facilitating connection and belonging despite the relentless pace of change.

Belinda is as real as real gets! Audiences love the energy, passion and fun she brings to both their events and their lives.