Chris Helder

Chris Helder is a business communication expert and master storyteller whose presentations have radically transformed how thousands of people worldwide communicate with clients, customers, colleagues, staff and teams. He has been a professional speaker for 18 years and has done over 2,500 presentations around the world.

He is the author of three bestselling books “The Ultimate Book of Influence” which has been published in five languages, “Useful Belief”, which is one of the highest selling Australian business books of all time and Cut The Noise which is about achieving better results in a world of distraction.


The TEDxMelbourne Limitless 2019 conference welcomed Chris as the opening keynote speaker to an audience of 3,000 people ready to change their lives.

Chris introduced his simple life philosophy on this night. For some, Useful Belief is a way of dealing with adversity. For others, it is a call to action. For all of us, it opens up the possibilities and unlocks the opportunities in our lives.


Chris’ Books

Because It’s Better Than Positive Thinking

Useful Belief turns the “be positive” industry upside down with a fresh and modern approach to achievement. Sometimes things in life are not positive. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you’ve had a nightmare of a year, the last thing you want to hear is “Be positive!” Instead, you need an actual strategy to dig yourself out, and a truly useful guidebook to show you where to go next. This is that guidebook.




Better Results, Less Guilt

Cut through the mental noise of modern life and move one step closer to true happiness. The quest for perfection and the sheer volume of “noise” and guilt in modern life can be crushing on even the most put-together person. With Cut the Noise, author and popular keynote speaker Chris Helder will show you how to cut through the noise, release yourself from guilt, and stop seeking perfection so that you can focus on what you really want and what really matters.





Motivate, Inspire and Get the Results You Want

What if you could instantly boost your capability to influence, motivate and connect with people? How could it increase your productivity, team culture and bottom line? Better yet, what if you could influence yourself to achieve greater success? Imagine the impact that would have on your life and fortunes.

Originally published in 2013 as The Ultimate Book of Influence, this book has been reviewed and redesigned to become part of the Wiley Be Your Best series – aimed at helping readers achieve professional and personal success.