Pippa Hallas

As the CEO of Ella Baché, I’m fortunate to be able to help every Australian learn what their skin loves by finding the right solution; everything we do is fuelled by our passion for skin and giving people confidence to love the skin they’re in.

 Backed by generations of research, our eyes are firmly set on the future working to genuinely deliver value to our customers’ lives through our innovations.

Ella Baché celebrates 65 years young today and has equally celebrated many milestones; I have had the privilege of taking this company on a journey through the changes of the empowered consumer, an increasingly rapid growth of ‘fast food’ beauty, whilst challenging the pivotal changes in buying behaviours and brand loyalty of new generations.

Throughout my time I have seen Ella Baché expand to over 150 franchise locations across the country, and with a dedicated team of researchers, we have also enjoyed a continually growing product and advanced treatment range, that has had the ability to cut through the beauty industry noise – winning the hearts of consumers and praise of the press alike.

Yes, the brand has come a long way from its 1930’s beginnings but one thing will always remain the same, my continual focus on the empowerment of women, whether it be through our education or franchise network or speaking with them on the importance of skincare; I encourage these women to become leaders in their own right – it is the core of our brand and it comes as no surprise the core of my values too.