2019 Future of Leadership Speakers

We are pleased to be able to announce the first of many amazing speakers for 2019. Please see these speakers below and the venues they’ll be speaking at. We’ll be updating this list as our speakers are announced.

To view the full range of speakers we’ve had present over the last 2 years, which will give you a great indication of the extremely high level of talent we present at Future of Leadership, click here.

DAN GREGORY - Auckland, Wellington

Dan Gregory is an expert in leadership, engagement and strategy who works with organisations and leadership teams in developing and facilitating behavioural strategies within their teams, in their communities and with their customers.

Dan’s focus is human behaviour - what makes us follow, perform, engage and lift. He is also a former Adman and stand up comedian who makes developing self-awareness, being more engaging in your communications and driving performance by design an experience that is as enjoyable as it is informative

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KIERAN FLANAGAN - Auckland, Wellington

Kieran Flanagan is a leadership speaker, author and mentor who helps the organisations she works with unlock their genius through Leadership, Change and Creativity.

Kieran believes passionately that in order to make positive change, the change itself must be a positive experience also. She is a bundle of energy who helps professional teams develop creative problem solving as a discipline and a mind set, not an illusive talent and mentors leaders so they see themselves as leading, not just their teams, but their entire industry.

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Scott Stein.jpg

Scott Stein - Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Wellington

Scott has worked with thousands of leaders around the world helping them to become better leaders by fast- tracking their thinking and their approach with people. Scott is a highly sought after international speaker and mentor who has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications and taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University..

In addition Scott received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from Professional Speakers Association, which recognises him as one of the top speakers across the globe.

Scott is the author of four books, his most recent titled: ‘Leadership Hacks’ that aims to equip leaders with effective and fast track strategies to boost impact and results as a leader. In ‘Leadership Hacks’ Scott identifies possible distractions that could be slowing leaders down and provides an expansive toolkit to help in streamlining delegation skills, fast-tracking productivity and re-routing meetings so that leaders come away with more productive outcomes.

Julie edit.jpg

Julie Cross - Newcastle, wellington, Auckland, Bangkok

Meet Julie Cross, one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She combines powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life and setting a higher standard in all aspects of their existence.

Whether she is presenting to 5 or 500, her message resonates on a deep level enabling her presentations to have residual effect and lasting impact.

Affectionately known as 'sparkles', Julie is not just a high energy speaker with a few shiny soundbites. She is able to connect her message of inspiration, motivation and practical personal development at all levels of business - from corporate CEO's to Childcare assistants and everything in between.

Julie Cross is empowering, energising and entertaining!

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Darren Hill - Sydney, brisbane, melbourne

A behavioural scientist, Darren Hill knows first hand what’s required to build high performance culture. Along with a client book of Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, Darren’s also the co-founder of Pragmatic Thinking—Australia’s premier Behaviour and Motivation Strategy company—that achieved a #33 placing in the 2017 Australian Financial Review's Fast 100 list.  

Darren understands people like few others do. It’s this intricate knowledge of people and culture that sees him delivering kickarse keynote presentations at conferences through to designing, delivering and implementing complex, cross-layered multi-year culture change programs inside organisations. Evidence to this, Darren was also recently awarded 2018 Australian Educator of the Year award by the Professional Speakers Association, a remarkable feat given the only person who can read his writing on a whiteboard is his EA.

Having spoken at every single year of the Future of Leadership, here at FOL we keep inviting Darren back because the post event surveys consistently rate him in the top handful of speakers; that, and it turns out he is surprisingly easy to bribe with a few nice words and the offer of some banana bread at the morning tea break! 

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Samantha Gash.jpg

Samantha Gash - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Australian Samantha Gash, is the world’s first female and youngest person at the time to complete Racing the Planet’s Four Deserts Grand Slam in one calendar year. A lawyer by trade, she has run over 20,000km’s across every continent on the planet and raised over $300,000 for charity. She is a champion of women’s empowerment. She believes in access to education and social change, using her platform to bring awareness to the plight of many through charities such as World Vision, Save the Children and The Royal Flying Doctors Service.

aidan grimes.jpg

Aidan Grimes - Newcastle

Aidan successfully completed his 118th Kokoda Trek (TEAMS) in NOV 2018 with Hawthorn Football Club and remains the only Kokoda operator to have a 100% success rate. Through historical benchmarks, extreme corporate events and personal development initiatives, he promotes a way of thinking that removes limitations and unearths a basic instinct inspired by the passion and spirit he believes is inherent in all Australians. 

A passionate philanthropist and war historian with an unsurpassed reputation for his encyclopaedic knowledge of Kokoda and other battlesites, Aidan inspires participants as they encounter the mental and physical challenges on the treks.  He has a life long passion for developing success factors with particular interest in team culture, Leadership, performance and sports psychology, wellbeing and extreme events. Aidan is a tertiary qualified sports scientist majoring in coaching psychology, with postgraduate studies in nutrition and is currently completing a Phd.

His passionate, engaging and energetic focus empowers the people he works with to become the type of leaders they want to be, creating sustainable leadership for teams and organisations.

Ashley Fell.JPG

Ashley Fell - sydney, brisbane, melbourne

Ashley Fell is a social researcher, TEDx speaker and Head of Communications at the internationally recognised McCrindle. As a trends analyst she understands the need to communicate with the emerging generations to effectively engage with them. From her experience in managing media relations, social media platforms and content creation, Ashley advises on how to achieve cut through in message-saturated times. Her expertise is in how to communicate across generational barriers.

In addition to delivering keynote presentations at conferences, Ashley is booked to conduct training days for corporate and not for profit clients, facilitate panels across an array of industries and deliver workshops across diverse generations. From generational change to the impact of technology, from key demographic transformations to social trends Ashley delivers research-based presentations analysing the global and national megatrends.

With academic qualifications in communications, an ongoing role in deploying and analysing national research studies, and with her position leading the communications strategy at McCrindle, Ashley brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting.


Daniel Murray - Newcastle

After a career in corporate strategy and management consulting, Daniel now helps businesses and leaders to drive performance through people, culture and empathy. Daniel is an author, speaker and leadership coach who believes that every business has a huge untapped potential of disengaged people, both employees or customers, just waiting for leaders to connect with them. Blending his background in mathematics and strategy, with a deep understanding of emotions, neuroscience and behavioral economics, Daniel has become an expert in building the capabilities, tools and strategies to embed empathy, engagement and performance in business. Like few others, Daniel blends diverse concepts through simple yet engaging stories to share groundbreaking ideas and tangible frameworks. 

Steve CarRoll - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Auckland, Wellington, Bangkok

Steve Carroll coloured.jpg

Boasting over 15 years’ experience at the forefront of the digital revolution, Steve Carroll is a dynamic, energetic speaker who translates changing consumer behaviour into actionable insights for leaders looking to embrace the digital age.

Thought provoking, clear and concise, he brings extensive experience to any speaking event, channelling his deep understanding of the digital landscape, sales and leadership into strategies that are designed to empower professionals across all industries.

Steve currently holds the position of Director of Industry Relations for global online advertising company, REA Group. He is their former director of sales, a previous advertising sales manager of News Corp and has held numerous commercial director roles in the UK. Over a lengthy career, he has managed sales teams of more than 70 people and enjoyed optimising the leadership opportunities that come with digital innovation.

Steve’s engaging presentations draw on this expertise and encapsulate his passion to ensure the ever-evolving digital world is accessible to leaders grappling with technological disruption and increased consumer expectation across all sectors.

Nam Baldwin.JPG

Nam Baldwin - sydney, brisbane, melbourne

Nam Baldwin is the co-founder of Equalize Training Company and the internationally recognised Breath Enhancement Training program.

With over 22 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam is a highly qualified specialist in emotional and physiological intelligence & peak performance, and has developed multiple programs exploring success under extreme pressure in both the emotional and physical realms. He is a life, health and peak performance coach, a powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular inspirational speaker.

Nam’s work has gained much attention with the results of his skills being seen regularly in the public arena; Nam’s enviable list of those under his watchful eye include 3 x World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning, 7 x World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore, tennis legend Pat Rafter, Richmond Tigers, Sydney Roosters and numerous Australian National sporting teams. In 2018 Nam begins his role as the Elite Performance Specialist for Surfing Australia's Olympic Campaign heading towards the 2020 games in Japan.