Future of Leadership

Whatever your work, whatever your position, Future of Leadership will equip you with tools and insights that will make you a better leader both personally and professionally. 

This one day business conference will shine the spotlight on the twin-turbo drivers of excellence; ownership and progress. In short, we'll be musing and fusing two huge questions for the future of work;

1. How do we get people at work to take a deep sense of ownership in their work?


2. How do we help our people be highly motivated by making meaningful progress?

There'll be no tired old leadership cliches dusted off and wheeled out here. Nope. Not a chance. Just the freshest insights for forward-thinking leaders to take, with confidence, into the future.  

With the dust now settling on a very successful Future of Leadership event in Brisbane, the roadshow continues to Sydney in July and then to Melbourne in September. Jump into each individual program to check out the speaker line up specific to your state. 

The great news is that all funds raised from ticket sales and at the event, supports the amazing work of Hands Across the Water.





How a focus on ownership creates a value distortion for your culture

— and why that's a very, very good thing


Why progress is a double edged sword

– and why the right type of progress matters most


How leaders create elite teams

— and what their approach to rituals and processes looks like


Where the future of CSR is heading

— and why welfare isn't it


Why the future is now

— and how to lead an engaged team fit for the future of work




Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water is an Australian charity founded in 2005 by Peter Baines OAM.    

Hands commenced operations by building a home for the children left without parents as a result of the Boxing Day tsunami. Hands has expanded its reach to operate in several locations across Thailand and that growth has been possible by building strong shared experiences. It’s these rich experiences that has led to the strong engagement that exists in its supporter base.


Hands has been leading bike rides in Thailand since 2009 which has become a cornerstone of their fundraising each year.  The rides commenced with 17 riders in the first year and have seen year on year growth with a return rate of 76%.  Many of the riders join thinking it is a great opportunity to do something for the kids, only to realise that they are the ones who benefit from the unique experience.   

In addition to the Thailand bike rides, Hands Across the Water offers Thailand Treks, Australian based business and social events, Australian rides, a newly released fashion range and child sponsorship as ways to engage with and experience the beauty of Hands Across the Water.