Future of Leadership

Future of Leadership has wrapped up for 2018 and what a series it was! We entertained and enlightened thousands of guests across 6 cities and 3 countries and the response from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive. We can’t wait to continually evolve and enhance this series and bring the inspiration to you again in 2019.

Thank you to all that have attended the series this year - we hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did, and we hope you took plenty of takeaways with you to enhance your personal and professional life.

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Key stats from the 2018 series

With the attendance of over 2000 people who were entertained, educated and enlightened in 2018, we asked you how you thought we went, and where we could improve. The good news is that you told us the series was an outstanding success and you were blown away by the current standard of speakers, venues and content.

Some Key Stats:

FOL Site Key Stats.jpg

Thank you for completing our survey and for your support, recommendations and acknowledgement. Rest assured that we can’t wait to bring Future of Leadership 2019 to life and are planning on continually improving and evolving this series to ensure it meets your needs. We are expanding locations again to serve more of our key areas and already have host of world class speakers that have applied to be a part of this event.