2019 Future of Leadership Speakers

We are pleased to be able to announce the first of many amazing speakers for 2019. Please see these speakers below and the venues they’ll be speaking at. We’ll be updating this list as our speakers are announced.

To view the full range of speakers we’ve had present over the last 2 years, which will give you a great indication of the extremely high level of talent we present at Future of Leadership, click here.

DAN GREGORY - Auckland, Wellington, Bangkok

Dan Gregory is an expert in leadership, engagement and strategy who works with organisations and leadership teams in developing and facilitating behavioural strategies within their teams, in their communities and with their customers.

Dan’s focus is human behaviour - what makes us follow, perform, engage and lift. He is also a former Adman and stand up comedian who makes developing self-awareness, being more engaging in your communications and driving performance by design an experience that is as enjoyable as it is informative

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KIERAN FLANAGAN - Auckland, Wellington, Bangkok

Kieran Flanagan is a leadership speaker, author and mentor who helps the organisations she works with unlock their genius through Leadership, Change and Creativity.

Kieran believes passionately that in order to make positive change, the change itself must be a positive experience also. She is a bundle of energy who helps professional teams develop creative problem solving as a discipline and a mind set, not an illusive talent and mentors leaders so they see themselves as leading, not just their teams, but their entire industry.

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Scott Stein - Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Wellington

Scott has worked with thousands of leaders around the world helping them to become better leaders by fast- tracking their thinking and their approach with people. Scott is a highly sought after international speaker and mentor who has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications and taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University..

In addition Scott received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from Professional Speakers Association, which recognises him as one of the top speakers across the globe.

Scott is the author of four books, his most recent titled: ‘Leadership Hacks’ that aims to equip leaders with effective and fast track strategies to boost impact and results as a leader. In ‘Leadership Hacks’ Scott identifies possible distractions that could be slowing leaders down and provides an expansive toolkit to help in streamlining delegation skills, fast-tracking productivity and re-routing meetings so that leaders come away with more productive outcomes.

Lisa o’neill - Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

Lisa is a speaker, author and mentor who is obsessed with people living the lives that they want to live - to be magnificent in their chosen life domain, honouring themselves by being more of themselves.

Bringing new insights and ideas, Lisa creates dramatic shifts in the lives of many people. Having worked in retail, marketing & branding and as a fashion stylist - Lisa has been empowering people her whole life. A mother of 4 - Lisa is the queen of juggling, a high energy multitasker who has the rare ability to inspire people to take action. Lisa speaks of the importance of energy, excellence and enthusiasm, the myth of work-life balance and how to live a magnificent life.

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